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Behind Samsung’s $116 Billion Bid for Chip Supremacy

Technology giants are increasingly designing their own semiconductors to optimize everything from artificial intelligence tasks to server performance and mobile battery life. Google has the Tensor Processing Unit, Apple has the A13 Bionic and Amazon.com has the Graviton2. What the titans all lack, however, is a factory to build the new chips they are dreaming up. Enter Samsung Electronics, which ... Read More »

The Man Who Made Wolfenstein

theodp writes: Over at Polygon, games journalist Colin Campbell remembers the late Silas Warner in The Man Who Made Wolfenstein. Before Doom, there was Warner’s Castle Wolfenstein (1981) and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984), which counted id Software’s legendary John Carmack and John Romero as fans. After completing his degree in Physics at Indiana University, Warner found work at IU installing ... Read More »

Uniqlo’s Tokyo Warehouse is 90% Robotic

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo has managed to automate 90 percent of its flagship Tokyo warehouse, the Financial Times reports, adding that the facility includes a two-armed robot that can fold and box T-shirts, a job previously reserved for human staff. From a report: The industrial T-shirt folders come from Japanese robotics startup, Mujin. Uniqlo’s parent company, Fast Retailing, partnered with ... Read More »

The French Cities Trying To Ban Public Adverts

For decades France has had one of the most well-organized anti-advertising movements in the world, ranging from guerrilla protests with spray-cans to high-profile court cases. But now the boom in what is artfully called “digital-out-of-home advertising” — eye-catching video screens dotted across urban areas, from train platforms to shopping centres — has sparked a new spate of French protests, civil ... Read More »