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Hack Turns Apple’s iPhone Into An Android

Ten years ago, David Wang pulled off a remarkable trick, installing Android on the first-generation iPhone. Now Wang and his colleagues at cybersecurity startup Corellium are doing it again with the ostentatiously titled Project Sandcastle. From a report: And Forbes got an exclusive hands-on look at their Android for iPhone product ahead of its public release scheduled for later this ... Read More »

Copyright Lobby Calls Out Plex For Not Doing Enough To Stop Piracy

An anonymous reader shares a report: For those who don’t want to dive fully into torrents, Plex is a great alternative for streaming television shows and movies for free. Officially, Plex is a “neutral” media player, and it first became popular with people looking to stream content between devices at home, like from their desktop in the study to their ... Read More »

The EARN IT Act is an Attack on Encryption

A bipartisan pair of US senators on Thursday introduced long-rumored legislation known as the EARN IT Act. The bill is meant to combat child sexual exploitation online, but if passed, it could hurt encryption as we know it. Matthew Green, a cryptographer and professor at Johns Hopkins University, writes: Because the Department of Justice has largely failed in its mission ... Read More »