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Electric Trucks Could Make a ‘Significant Dent’ In Carbon Emissions

Electric trucks have the potential to displace enough oil to make a “significant dent” in transportation sector CO2 emissions, per a Rhodium Group analysis. Axios reports: There’s lots of buzz — and a lot of money — around electric trucks these days. It estimates the long-term effects of a recent 15-state nonbinding pact (PDF) to bolster the use of zero-emissions ... Read More »

Telegram Messaging App Proves Crucial To Belarus Protests

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Associated Press: Every day, like clockwork, to-do lists for those protesting against Belarus’ authoritarian leader appear in the popular Telegram messaging app. They lay out goals, give times and locations of rallies with business-like precision, and offer spirited encouragement. The app has become an indispensable tool in coordinating the unprecedented mass protests ... Read More »

Apple Fires Back in Court, Says Epic Games CEO Asked For Special Treatment

Apple responded to Epic Games’ lawsuit accusing it of anticompetitive behavior in how it controls the App Store, telling the court that the Fortnite maker violated Apple’s rules and shouldn’t be placed back into the store temporarily while the legal battle rages. From a report: In its filing, Apple alleges that Epic Games asked for an individual arrangement with Apple, ... Read More »

Kids May Be Using Laptops Made With Forced Labor This Fall

The ongoing persecution by the Chinese government of Uyghur Muslims is far from a distant problem. Recent reporting has identified Uyghur forced labor in the supply chain of major global brands, including BMW, Ralph Lauren, Samsung, and Sony. From a report: Now, as school districts scramble to obtain electronic devices for a school year that may be primarily virtual, some ... Read More »