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‘No, You Can’t Ignore Email. It’s Rude.’

Yes, we’re all overwhelmed with email. One recent survey suggested that the average American’s inbox has 199 unread messages. But volume isn’t an excuse for not replying. Ignoring email is an act of incivility, reads an opinion piece. From the story: “I’m too busy to answer your email” really means “Your email is not a priority for me right now.” ... Read More »

‘Digital Gangster’ Facebook Intentionally and Knowingly Violated UK Privacy and Competition Rules, British Lawmakers Say

British lawmakers on Sunday accused Facebook of having “intentionally and knowingly violated both data privacy and anti-competition laws” in the country, and they called for investigations into the social media giant’s business practices. From a report: The sharp rebuke came in a 108-page report written by members of Parliament, who in 2017 began a wide-ranging study of Facebook and the ... Read More »

Google Fixing Chrome API To Prevent Incognito Mode Detection

AmiMoJo writes: When browsing the web with Google Chrome, some sites are using a method to determine if a visitor is in a regular browsing session or in incognito mode. As this can be considered a breach of privacy, Google will be changing how a particular API works so that web sites can no longer utilize this technique. Chrome supports ... Read More »

House Bill Requires Pornography Filter on All Phones, Computers Purchased in Kansas

Two bills introduced in the Kansas House on Wednesday generate funding for human trafficking programs by requiring all new internet-capable telephones or computers sold in the state to feature anti-pornography software and by mandating adult entertainment businesses charge a special admissions tax. From a report: Sabetha Rep. Randy Garber sponsored legislation requiring the software installations and dictating purchasers would have ... Read More »