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YouTube Moderators Are Being Forced To Sign PTSD Forms

According to The Verge, content moderators for YouTube are being ordered to sign a document acknowledging that performing the job can cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). From the report: “I understand the content I will be reviewing may be disturbing,” reads the document, which is titled “Acknowledgement” and was distributed to employees using DocuSign. “It is possible that reviewing such ... Read More »

‘There’s Nothing Wrong With My No-Email Policy’

Julian Lewis MP responds to criticism over his refusal to use email for constituency correspondence, and says letters, phone calls and surgery appointments are “perfectly adequate.” He writes: There is nothing “mysterious” about the fact that I do not use email for constituency correspondence: it is openly stated on the homepage of my — very extensive — website, and has ... Read More »

EPA Reasoning For Gutting Fuel-Economy Rule Doesn’t Hold Up, Senator Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: The Trump administration has for several years been working to weaken federal vehicle fuel-efficiency standards. To justify these changes, regulatory agencies argued that more stringent standards would both cost consumers more and reduce road safety. A draft version of the new final rule, however, seems to directly contradict those lines of ... Read More »

Spot the Robot Dog Trots Into the Big, Bad World

Boston Dynamics’ creation is starting to sniff out its role in the workforce: as a helpful canine that still sometimes needs you to hold its paw. From a report: This autumn, after years of dropping view-amassing videos of Spot the robot dog fending off stick-wielding humans and opening doors for its pals, Boston Dynamics finally announced that the machine was ... Read More »

New York State Wants To Ban Government Agencies From Paying Ransomware Demands

Two New York state senators proposed two bills last week to ban local municipalities and other government entities from using taxpayer money for paying ransomware demands. From a report: The first bill (S7246) was proposed by Republican NY Senator Phil Boyle on January 14. The second bill (S7289) was introduced by Democrat NY Senator David Carlucci, two days later, on ... Read More »