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Google, Roku, Sonos To Fix DNS Rebinding Attack Vector

The developer teams from Google Home, Roku TV, and Sonos, are preparing security patches to prevent DNS rebinding attacks on their devices. From a report: Roku has already started deploying updates, while Google and Sonos are expected to deploy patches next month. DNS rebinding is not a new attack vector by any stretch of the imagination. Researchers have known about ... Read More »

Tesla Sues Employee Alleged To Have Stolen Gigabytes of Data

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: On Wednesday, Tesla sued a former employee who worked in its Gigafactory in Nevada, accusing him of stealing trade secrets. The lawsuit appears to be what CEO Elon Musk was referring to recently when he said that production of the Model 3 had been sabotaged. Musk said that there are “more” ... Read More »

World Trending To Hit 50% Renewables, 11% Coal By 2050: Report

Bloomberg New Energy Finance released a new report this week that estimates how electricity generation will change out to 2050. ArsTechnica: The clean energy analysis firm estimates that in a mere 33 years, the world will generate almost 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy, and coal will make up just 11 percent of the total electricity mix. Add ... Read More »

China Won’t Solve the World’s Plastics Problem Any More

An anonymous reader shares a report: For a long time, China has been a dumping ground for the world’s problematic plastics. In the 1990s, Chinese markets saw that discarded plastic could be profitably recreated into exportable bits and bobs — and it was less expensive for international cities to send their waste to China than to deal with it themselves. ... Read More »

Oxford English Dictionary Extends Hunt For Regional Words Around the World

The Oxford English Dictionary is asking the public to help it mine the regional differences of English around the world to expand its record of the language, with early submissions ranging from New Zealand’s “munted” to Hawaii’s “hammajang.” From a report: Last year, a collaboration between the OED, the BBC and the Forward Arts Foundation to find and define local ... Read More »