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Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Project Shared a Scam Link, and Followers Lost Thousands of Dollars

Two days after Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT collection were minted, supporters were being targeted by a phishing scam that drained cryptocurrency from their wallets, “playing off a bad link shared by the project’s official Twitter account,” reports The Verge. From the report: Like the majority of NFT projects, CryptoBatz uses Discord as a place to organize its community. The official CryptoBatz ... Read More »

Google Asks Judge To Dismiss Most of Texas Antitrust Lawsuit

Alphabet’s Google asked a federal judge on Friday to dismiss the majority of an antitrust lawsuit filed by Texas and other states that accused the search giant of abusing its dominance of the online advertising market. Reuters reports: Google said in its court filing that the states failed to show that it illegally worked with Facebook, now Meta, to counter ... Read More »

Google Labs Starts Up a Blockchain Division

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Here’s a fun new report from Bloomberg: Google is forming a blockchain division. The news comes hot on the heels of a Bloomberg report from yesterday that quoted Google’s president of commerce as saying, “Crypto is something we pay a lot of attention to.” Web3 is apparently becoming a thing at ... Read More »

Game Developers Not Interested in NFTs, Survey Finds

NFTs remain a contentious topic for developers, according to the State of the Game Industry survey, with a majority claiming their companies aren’t interested at all. From a report: The survey states that 72% of respondents related to cryptocurrency and 70% of respondents related to NFTs have no interest in either. “The current implementation of both technologies is still very ... Read More »

Merck Wins Cyber-insurance Lawsuit Related To NotPetya Attack

A New Jersey court has ruled in favor of Merck in a lawsuit the pharmaceutical company filed against its insurer, Ace American, which declined to cover the losses caused by the NotPetya ransomware attack. From a report: The NotPetya incident, which took place in June 2017 and impacted thousands of companies all over the world, destroyed data on more than ... Read More »