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European Parliament Votes For Right To Repair

In a landmark move, the European Parliament voted today to support consumers’ Right to Repair. The resolution was adopted with 395 in favor and just 94 against, with 207 abstentions. iFixit reports: “By adopting this report, the European Parliament sent a clear message: harmonized mandatory labelling indicating durability and tackling premature obsolescence at EU level are the way forward,” said ... Read More »

European Regulators Prepare For MAX To Return To Service In 2021

thegreatbob writes: Looks like the main additions over the FAA’s requirements are some additional pilot training requirements. The actual EASA statement can be found here. Confirms what the available information had been pointing to: the plane flies tolerably without its Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS), but does not meet certification criteria. [The MCAS was a software system installed on the ... Read More »

2FA Bypass Discovered In Web Hosting Software cPanel

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Security researchers have discovered a major security flaw in cPanel, a popular software suite used by web hosting companies to manage websites for their customers. The bug, discovered by security researchers from Digital Defense, allows attackers to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) for cPanel accounts. These accounts are used by website owners to ... Read More »

France Orders Tech Giants To Pay Digital Tax

New submitter Based.Tech writes: The French Finance Ministry has sent out notices to big tech companies liable for its digital service tax to pay the levy as planned in December, the ministry said on Wednesday. France suspended collection of the tax, which will hit companies like Facebook and Amazon, early this year while negotiations were underway at the Organisation for ... Read More »

Nintendo Sues More Hack Sellers, ‘a Worsening International Problem’

Nintendo of America has filed a lawsuit against an Amazon Nintendo Switch hack reseller — the sort of litigation it’s taken on in similar cases in the past. Nintendo’s lawyers allege the Amazon seller, Le Hoang Minh, circumvents Nintendo’s copyright measures in selling an RCM Loader, used to “jailbreak” the Nintendo Switch. From a report: The lawsuit was filed in ... Read More »