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Feds Seize WeLeakInfo.com For Selling Access To Stolen Data

JustAnotherOldGuy shares a report from PC Magazine: The FBI has shut down a website that offered hackers easy access to 12 billion records stolen in thousands of data breaches. On Thursday, the Justice Department announced it had seized the internet domain to WeLeakInfo.com, a site that was cataloging data taken from more than 10,300 data breaches at various companies and ... Read More »

Hospitals Give Tech Giants Access To Detailed Medical Records

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: Hospitals have granted Microsoft, IBM and Amazon the ability to access identifiable patient information under deals to crunch millions of health records, the latest examples of hospitals’ growing influence in the data economy. This breadth of access wasn’t always spelled out by hospitals and tech giants when the deals ... Read More »

Frontier, an ISP In 29 States, Plans To File For Bankruptcy

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Frontier Communications is planning to file for bankruptcy within two months, Bloomberg reported last week. The telco “is asking creditors to help craft a turnaround deal that includes filing for bankruptcy by the middle of March, according to people with knowledge of the matter,” Bloomberg wrote. Frontier CEO Bernie Han and ... Read More »

People Can Be Identified By the Way They Dance

Might it be possible that someday in the near future, an official might get you to dance around a bit, in order to confirm that you’re really you? Perhaps not, but nonetheless, a recent study has determined that people’s identities can be matched to their unique style of dancing. From a report: Scientists at Finland’s University of Jyvaskyla started out ... Read More »