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A Wave of SIM Swapping Attacks Targets Cryptocurrency Users

“Numerous members of the cryptocurrency community have been hit by SIM swapping attacks over the past week,” ZDNet reported Monday, “in what appears to be a coordinated wave of attacks.” SIM swapping, also known as SIM jacking, is a type of ATO (account take over) attack during which a malicious threat actor uses various techniques (usually social engineering) to transfers ... Read More »

Why Some Businesses Really Hate Yelp

An anonymous reader quotes Slate: The overall argument of Billion Dollar Bully, the new documentary about Yelp released on Amazon and iTunes in May, is that Yelp extorts small business owners for advertising fees in return for helping to manage and improve reviews on their platform… Yelp has fought back against the allegations made in the film, arguing that “There ... Read More »

Are Amazon’s ‘Ring’ Doorbells Creating A Massive Police Surveillance Network?

“Police departments are piggybacking on Ring’s network to build out their surveillance networks…” reports CNET, adding that Ring “helps police avoid roadblocks for surveillance technology, whether a lack of funding or the public’s concerns about privacy.” While residential neighborhoods aren’t usually lined with security cameras, the smart doorbell’s popularity has essentially created private surveillance networks powered by Amazon and promoted ... Read More »

Bizarre New Theories Emerge About Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto

“I am not saying that Neal Stephenson is Satoshi Nakamoto,” writes the features editor at Reason. “What I am saying is: Would it really be surprising if he were?” This prompted a strong rebuke from CCN Markets: The article starts, “Consider the possibility that Neal Stephenson is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of Bitcoin.” Let’s not do that. That’s like ... Read More »

Why Pfizer Ignored Data Suggesting Their Drug Could Affect Alzheimer’s

In a controversial pharmaceutical story, this week the Washington Post reported “that Pfizer had evidence that [their drug] Enbrel could be useful in Alzheimer’s disease, and didn’t do anything with it,” according to a blog post from Science magazine: This came from an analysis of insurance claim data: a set of about 127,000 patients with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis and a ... Read More »