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Debit Card With Built-In Fingerprint Reader Begins Trial In the UK

British bank Natwest is trialing the use of a new NFC payment card with a built-in fingerprint scanner. “The trial, which will include 200 customers when it begins in mid-April, will allow its participants to make NFC payments (called ‘contactless’ in the UK) without needing to input a PIN or offer a signature,” reports The Verge. “The standard [30 British ... Read More »

FAA Says Boeing 737 MAX Planes Are Still Airworthy

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The Boeing 737 MAX, the type of plane involved in a deadly crash in Ethiopia over the weekend, is still airworthy and the Federal Aviation Administration plans to issue a notice to the international aviation community later Monday, a person familiar with the matter said. “The FAA continuously assesses and oversees the ... Read More »

Facebook Sues Over ‘Data-Grabbing’ Quizzes

Facebook is suing Andrew Gorbachov and Gleb Sluchevsky, of Ukraine, who worked for a company called Web Sun Group that developed “data-grabbing” quizzes for its social media site. The malicious quiz apps were used to harvest thousands of users’ profile data. “The firm says anyone who wanted to take the quizzes was asked to install browser extensions, which then lifted ... Read More »

US Seeks To Allay Fears Over Killer Robots

Humans will always make the final decision on whether armed robots can shoot, the US Department of Defense said today. From a report: The statement comes as plans emerge for gun platforms that can choose their own targets on the battlefield. The plans seek to upgrade existing aiming systems, using developments in machine intelligence. The US said rules governing armed ... Read More »