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Volkswagen’s Bold Plan To Create a New Car OS

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: VW Group is now consolidating its software all under one new internal group, similar to the way that financial services or the ride-hailing Moia exist alongside individual vehicle brands. And that means in the future, a single unified automotive OS will run on everything from a VW Polo to an Audi ... Read More »

Study Finds the Universe Might Be 2 Billion Years Younger

The universe is looking younger every day, it seems. New calculations suggest the universe could be a couple billion years younger than scientists now estimate, and even younger than suggested by two other calculations published this year that trimmed hundreds of millions of years from the age of the cosmos. From a report: The huge swings in scientists’ estimates — ... Read More »

Ask Slashdot: Why Isn’t Geothermal Energy Getting As Much Attention As Solar and Wind?

mrwireless writes: YouTube channel Real Engineering has posted a great video on the potential (and downsides) of geothermal power. I think it would be great to discuss this video on Slashdot, since in discussions about climate change, geothermal rarely comes up as a viable alternative. The video mentions things like:- Could power our needs twice over- New technology makes it ... Read More »

Alabama Tracking Students’ Locations To Penalize Them For Leaving Games Early

The University of Alabama is taking an extraordinary, Orwellian step to reward students who attend games — and stay until the fourth quarter — by using location-tracking technology from students’ phones to see who skips out and who stays. If students stay until the fourth quarter, they will be rewarded with improved access to tickets to the SEC championship game ... Read More »