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Do You Remember MIDI Music Files?

A new article at Motherboard remembers when the MIDI file format became the main way music was shared on the internet “for an incredibly short but memorable period of time…” [I]n the hunt for additional features, the two primary developers of web browsers during the era — Microsoft and Netscape — added functionality that made audio files accessible when loading ... Read More »

6 In 10 Websites May Be Impacted by jQuery XSS Vulnerabilities

“Although the JavaScript library jQuery is no longer as popular as it was, it is still widely used. As a result at least six in ten websites are impacted by jQuery XSS vulnerabilities,” reports I Programmer: Even more security issues are introduced by the jQuery libraries used to extend jQuery’s capabilities. These findings come from open source security platform, Snyk ... Read More »

NPM Adds Command-Line Option To Help Fund Open-Source Coders

“Despite its own solvency concerns, NPM Inc on Tuesday deployed code changes that add a ‘funding’ command to the latest version of the npm command-line tool, namely v6.13.0,” reports the Register: Henceforth, developers creating packages for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js can declare metadata that describes where would-be donors can go to offer financial support. Doing so involves adding a ... Read More »

Boeing’s Poor Information Security Threatens Passenger Safety, National Security, Says Researcher

itwbennett writes: Security researcher Chris Kubecka has identified (and reported to Boeing and the Department of Homeland Security back in August) a number of security vulnerabilities in Boeing’s networks, email system, and website. “[T]he company’s failure to remedy the security failures she reported demonstrate either an unwillingness or inability to take responsibility for their information security,” writes JM Porup for ... Read More »