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Interviews: Christine Peterson Answers Your Questions

You asked questions, we’ve got the answers! Christine Peterson is a long-time futurist who co-founded the nanotech advocacy group the Foresight Institute in 1986. One of her favorite tasks has been contacting the winners of the institute’s annual Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology, but she also coined the term “Open Source software” for that famous promotion strategy meeting in 1998. Christine ... Read More »

Wells Fargo’s Scandals Finally Hurt Its Bottom Line

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: Wells Fargo said operating losses surged 77% last quarter because of various problems in its auto lending, wealth management, mortgage and currency businesses. Overall expenses rose by 3%. Meanwhile, Wells Fargo said profit declined by 12% during the second quarter, missing Wall Street’s expectations. The bank’s stock, which has lagged behind the rest of the ... Read More »

Telescope Offers ‘Clearest View Yet’ of Milky Way – Including Plasma Filaments

Chris Reeve writes: The MeerKAT radio telescope was inaugurated in South Africa this past Friday, revealing the clearest view yet of the center of the Milky Way. What is especially surprising about the produced image are the numerous prominent filaments which seem to appear in the foreground. Herschel made a similar announcement just three years prior that “Observations with ESA’s ... Read More »

Google Maps API Becomes ‘More Difficult and Expensive’

Government Technology reports: On July 16, Google Maps is going to make it more difficult and expensive to use its API, which could make custom maps that rely on the service less sustainable or even unfeasible for the people who made them… First, Google Maps is requiring all projects to have an official API key in order to work. If ... Read More »

Finally, Non-Compete Clauses Eliminated… For Fast Food Workers

“Non-compete clauses are common among professionals, justified by a variety of innocuous-sounding and apparently reasonable business reasons,” writes Slashdot reader Beeftopia. “This story shows that, surprisingly, it is a very effective wage suppression mechanism as well, used in industries where it would seem unnecessary.” NPR reports: For many years, fast-food franchises agreed not to recruit or hire one another’s workers ... Read More »