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Study Suggests BPA-Free Plastics Are Just As Harmful To Health

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Gizmodo: Plastic products that boast of being “BPA-free” aren’t necessarily any safer for us, suggests a new mouse study published Thursday in Current Biology. The chemicals used to replace BPA in these plastics can still leak out and affect the sperm and eggs of both male and female mice, it found. And these ... Read More »

US Lawmakers Say AI Deepfakes ‘Have the Potential To Disrupt Every Facet of Our Society’

Yesterday, several lawmakers sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, asking him to assess the threat posed to national security by deepfakes — a new type of AI-assisted video editing that creates realistic results with minimal effort. The Verge reports: The letter says “hyper-realistic digital forgeries” showing “convincing depictions of individuals doing or saying things they ... Read More »

Drone Startup Airware Is Shutting Down After Raising $118 Million

Drone operating system startup Airware, which has appeared in a number of stories over the years, announced today that it will be shutting down immediately despite having raised $118 million from investors. ” The startup ran out of money after trying to manufacture its own hardware that couldn’t compete with drone giants like China’s DJI,” reports TechCrunch. “The company at ... Read More »

San Francisco Gets Its First Cashierless Store

Last Week, San Francisco got its first completely automated cashierless store, called Standard Market. The store requires users to download their app before they can enter the 1,900-square-foot building. Once they do that, they can enter the store, grab the items they need, and walk out — all without ever interacting with a cashier. The 27 cameras positioned on the ... Read More »

What Cardiologists Think About the Apple Watch’s Heart-Tracking Feature

An anonymous reader quotes a report from SFGate: The newest Apple Watch can now flag potential problems with your heartbeat — a feature that’s been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration and that Apple is marking as a major achievement. But some doctors said that including heart-monitoring tools in such a popular consumer product could prompt unnecessary anxiety and ... Read More »