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To Keep Trump From Violating Its Rules…Facebook Rewrote the Rules

“Starting in 2015 Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook rewrote their rules in order to not sanction then-candidate Donald Trump,” writes Rick Zeman (Slashdot reader #15,628) — citing a new investigation by the Washington Post. (Also available here.) After Trump’s infamous “the shooting starts” post, Facebook deputies contacted the White House “with an urgent plea to tweak the language of the post ... Read More »

Oracle Celebrates ‘The 25 Greatest Java Apps Ever Written’

Oracle’s Java magazine is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the programming language with a list of the 25 greatest Java apps ever written: From space exploration to genomics, from reverse compilers to robotic controllers, Java is at the heart of today’s world. Here are a few of the countless Java apps that stand out from the crowd. The story of ... Read More »

America Pushes Europe to Reject Chinese Baggage Screening Tech

An anonymous reader quotes Engadget: The U.S. fight against Chinese technology appears to be extending to another category: the security screening you normally see at the airport or border. Wall Street Journal sources understand the National Security Council and other U.S. agencies are pushing European governments (including Germany, Greece and Italy) to avoid using baggage, cargo and passenger screening systems ... Read More »

Chinese Bank Required Two Western Companies to Use Tax Software With a Hidden Backdoor

A Chinese bank required at least two western companies to install malware-laced tax software, according to a new report from the cyber-security firm Trustwave. “The two companies are a UK-based technology/software vendor and a major financial institution, both of which had recently opened offices in China,” reports ZDNet: “Discussions with our client revealed that [the malware] was part of their ... Read More »

Microsoft’s New ‘Windows File Recovery’ Tool Restores Deleted Data

“Anyone familiar with how Windows and other operating systems work might know that files aren’t actually deleted, they’re marked to allow other data to overwrite them in the future,” points out Hot Hardware, noting it’s now led to the “quiet” launch of a new free Microsoft tool. Slashdot reader Mark Wilson writes that the tool even recovers files from drives ... Read More »