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People Living in the Hottest Places on the Planet Are the Least Likely To Have Air Conditioners

Zoe Schlanger, writing for Quartz: In 2016, roughly 10% of the planet’s energy use went towards air conditioning. Figures vary wildly from country to country, though, and some of the hottest regions on Earth use the least A/C — for now. A new report from the International Energy Agency says that’s about to change. By 2050, the intergovernmental agency predicts, ... Read More »

Google’s Toronto City Built ‘From the Internet Up’

On Toronto’s Eastern waterfront, a new digital city is being built by Sidewalk Labs — a firm owned by Google’s parent Alphabet. It hopes the project will become a model for 21st-Century urbanism. From a report: But the deal has been controversial, representing one of biggest ever tie-ups between a city and a large corporation. And that, coupled with the ... Read More »

Mystery Donor Pledges $1 Million To The GNOME Foundation

Brian Fagioli, writing for BetaNews: This week, The GNOME Foundation made a shocking revelation: a mystery donor has pledged $1 million dollars. We don’t know who is promising the money — it could be a rich man or woman, but more likely — and this is pure speculation — it is probably a company that benefits from GNOME, such as ... Read More »

Ask Slashdot: Can a City Really Sue an Oil Company For Climate Change?

An anonymous reader writes: The city of Richmond, California, is suing Chevron, its largest employer and its largest public-safety scourge. But while industrial accidents like refinery fires are commonplace in the low-lying industrial town, that’s not what this lawsuit is about. Richmond and six other California cities are suing oil companies for contributing to the changing climate, which threatens to ... Read More »

There Are Real Reasons For Linux To Replace ifconfig, netstat and Other Classic Tools

Several readers have shared a blog post: One of the ongoing system administration controversies in Linux is that there is an ongoing effort to obsolete the old, cross-Unix standard network administration and diagnosis commands of ifconfig, netstat and the like and replace them with fresh new Linux specific things like ss and the ip suite. Old sysadmins are generally grumpy ... Read More »