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Nearly All US Teens Short On Sleep, Exercise

UPI reports: Too little sleep. Not enough exercise. Far too much “screen time.” That is the unhealthy lifestyle of nearly all U.S. high school students, new research finds. The study, of almost 60,000 teenagers nationwide, found that only 5 percent were meeting experts’ recommendations on three critical health habits: sleep; exercise; and time spent gazing at digital media and television… ... Read More »

New "Metallic Wood" Is As Strong As Titanium But Much Lighter

Titanium “has long been touted as the metal of the future,” writes Dwell, “due to its strength, rust resistance, and amazing lightness.” But can careful atom-stacking lead to something better? An anonymous reader writes: Researchers have discovered a way to create a new “metallic wood” material that is as strong as titanium, but five times lighter, reports Dwell. “So far, ... Read More »

Eight People Suffer Burns After Attempting Viral ‘Boiling Water Challenge’

A burn surgeon at Loyola University Medical has treated eight different people for second and third-degree burns after they attempted to replicate the viral “boiling water challenge,” according to one local news station. These people (like many others as seen across social media) heated water and threw it into the sub-zero air, expecting it to transform into a powder-like state ... Read More »

‘Why Data, Not Privacy, Is the Real Danger’

“While it’s creepy to imagine companies are listening in to your conversations, it’s perhaps more creepy that they can predict what you’re talking about without actually listening,” writes an NBC News technology correspondent, arguing that data, not privacy, is the real danger. Your data — the abstract portrait of who you are, and, more importantly, of who you are compared ... Read More »

YouTube Struggles To Fight Mobs Weaponizing Their ‘Dislike’ Button

“YouTube is no stranger to viewers weaponizing the dislike button, as seen by the company’s recent Rewind video, but the product development team is working on a way to tackle the issue,” writes the Verge. Suren Enfiajyan shares their report on a new video by Tom Leung, YouTube’s director of project management. “Dislike mobs” are the YouTube equivalent to review ... Read More »