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Fluendo Codec Pack 18 Supports GStreamer 1.0

Fluendo, the well-known company that backs the development of GStreamer and has also sponsored projects like PiTiVi and other open-source multimedia projects, has released Codec Pack 18. Special about Codec Pack 18 is that it’s intended for use with GStreamer 1.0. Read More »

Ubuntu SDK applications are coming

“The Ubuntu SDK preview is just over 2 months old, but we’ve already seen a lot of development starting with it. Read below for a high-level look at some of the apps that are currently being written.” Looks like a good start. Read More »

How to Draw a 2D Object in Android With a Canvas

There are two basic ways of drawing 2D objects in Android. Drawing to a View, as described in the last tutorial, is the best option only when your object is static. If your object is moving, or you otherwise regularly need to redraw, you’re better off with a Canvas. Read on for more on drawing with a Canvas, and using ... Read More »