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Elkhart Lake spins into COM Express, SMARC, and Qseven modules

Avnet’s “MSC C6C-EL” Type 6, “MSC SM2S-EL” SMARC, and “MSC Q7-EL” Qseven modules run Linux or Win 10 on Intel’s Elkhart Lake Atom x6000 SoCs and support triple independent displays and up to 256GB flash. In the transition from MSC Embedded to Avnet Integrated, we fell off the company’s PR list –- our last MSC […] Read More »

Parallel shells with xargs: Utilize all your cpu cores on UNIX and Windows

One particular frustration with the UNIX shell is the inability to easily schedule multiple, concurrent tasks that fully utilize CPU cores presented on modern systems. The example of focus in this article is file compression, but the problem rises with many computationally intensive tasks, such as image/audio/media processing, password cracking and hash analysis, database Extract, Transform, and Load, and backup ... Read More »

Unikraft: automatically build unikernels

Unikraft is a comprehensive toolchain and library operating system which builds highly specialized unikernels, software bundles that consist of a target application along with just the operating system primitives and libraries features it needs to run. Unikraft breaks the status quo of building unikernels manually, providing an automated toolchain that builds tailored unikernels that meet your (and your application’s) needs. ... Read More »

VLC 4.0 sneak peek: a look at its work-in-progress new interface

Last week, we mentioned that the extremely popular open source video player VLC is getting a brand-new interface in its upcoming 4.0 release, expected to debut later this year. VLC 4.0 isn’t ready for prime time use yet—but because the program is open source, adventurous users can grab nightly builds of it to take a peek at what’s coming. The ... Read More »

Pico-ITX and Mini-ITX boards take off with Tiger Lake

Commell unveiled “LP-179” Pico-ITX and “LV-6712” Mini-ITX boards with Intel 11th Gen CPUs plus 2.5GbE ports and up to quad displays. Meanwhile, Aaeon has revealed some more details on its Tiger Lake based “PICO-TGU4” SBC. Commell announced two SBCs built around Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake ULP3 processors. The LP-179 is the first Pico-ITX form-factor […] Read More »