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LG’s G2 takes on the Galaxy S4

After Samsung announced the Galaxy S4, its futuristic slab of a smartphone, it was only a matter of time until LG countered. Today, at a jazz hall in New York City, LG dealt its hand in the form of the new G2, and not surprisingly it’s a lot like the other phone shipping from Korea this year. It has its ... Read More »

The Newton’s prophetic failure and lasting impact

In product lore, high profile gadgets that get killed are often more interesting than the ones that succeed. The Kin, the HP TouchPad, and the Edsel are all case studies in failure – albeit for different reasons. Yet in the history of those killings, nothing compared to the Apple Newton MessagePad. The Newton wasn’t just killed, it was violently murdered, ... Read More »

Android App Development: Handling Extra Camera Capabilities

In previous tutorials we looked at writing code to access the onboard camera, preview the display, and save an image. That’s the basics; but modern smartphones often have quite complicated cameras with a whole array of features – flash, white balance, a variety of scene modes, different Instagram-style photo effects, even face recognition (handled only in the most recent Android ... Read More »

LLVM Working On Intel AVX-512 Support

Intel developers working on the LLVM compiler infrastructure have been working on AVX-512 instruction set support in recent days. Intel AVX-512 instructions support 512-bit SIMD instructions with providing twice the number of data elements handled by AVX/AVX2 with a single instruction and four times that of SSE instructions… Read More »