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A Linux Tour of Maker Faire New York with BeagleBoard’s Jason Kridner

 Working my way past the butterfly bikes at the entrance to the Maker Faire this Saturday in Queens, I met up with BeagleBoard.org cofounder Jason Kridner. In the viewscreen of his duct-tape and cardboard hacked BeagleStache camera I looked like a befuddled bandido. Directed by the underlying BeagleBone Black board, the moustache overlay followed me no matter which way I moved. Read More »

iPhone 5C, 5S first weekend sales in perspective

I’ve been thinking a bit more about those iPhone 5C/5S weekend sales figures, and while it is certainly impressive, if you compare it to the iPhone 5’s first weekend sales figures, it’s actually quite a step backwards for Apple. The issue here – something many sites and even Apple itself doesn’t want to focus on – is that the iPhone ... Read More »

Ixonos shows off its Android multi-window tech

Mobile devices are designed primarily as a modal experience. You use one app at a time, but can switch between them quickly. Multi-window interfaces and floating apps have been implemented a few times as an alternative, but most of these solutions are a bit clunky. Ixonos has released a new video demo of its multi-window technology, and it looks much ... Read More »

FaceTime quality degraded due to patent lawsuit?

I missed this one: The 2012 patent trial that grabbed the most headlines was Apple’s $1 billion win (since reduced) against Samsung. But Apple also suffered a major patent setback of its own last year when a patent-holding company called VirnetX won a $368 million verdict against the tech giant. The consequences of Apple’s loss are now starting to become ... Read More »