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Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS vs. Ubuntu 13.04 Benchmarks

For those that may be currently running Ubuntu 12.04.2 as the latest Ubuntu Linux Long-Term Support release but are considering upgrading to Ubuntu 13.04 for better performance, here are benchmarks comparing the two Ubuntu Linux releases when tested on an Apple MacBook Pro and Lenovo ThinkPad. Overall, there’s a few areas where the new Ubuntu Linux release delivers worthwhile performance ... Read More »

6 (More) Signs the Open Source Cloud Is Gaining Ground

There seems to be no end in sight to the uncertainty and debate over what, exactly, constitutes an open source cloud. What’s far more clear, however, is that the concept is rapidly gaining ground. Here are just a few pieces of evidence from the past few weeks that suggest the open cloud is on the rise. Read More »

What Microsoft could learn from the Google Play update

“Google announced an update to its Google Play mobile app on Android – its online store for apps, music, books, magazines, movies and TV shows – today, one that is aimed at cleaning up the UI and optimizing it for different device types. It’s a model of clarity and discoverability, not to mention scalability, features that are sorely lacking in ... Read More »

Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle file antitrust complaint about Android

After Microsoft’s extortion racket has failed to stop Android, and after Oracle’s crazy baseless lawsuit failed to stop Android, and after Nokia adopting Windows Phone failed to stop Android, Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle are now grasping the next straw in their fruitless efforts to stop Android: they’ve filed an antitrust complaint with the EU, claiming Google unfairly bundles applications with ... Read More »