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Four Open Source Best Practices for the Enterprise

Financial services firms were among the earliest users of open source, so it seems fair to say they’re further along on the learning curve than most when it comes to enterprise use and management of the software. With that in mind, Linux.com recently spoke with Black Duck Software CEO Tim Yeaton – who recently wrote an article on the subject – and Jamie Hill, ... Read More »

FreeBSD Q4 2012 status report

The FreeBSD project has published a status report covering FreeBSD-related projects during Q4 2012. It details progress on the bhyve type-2 hypervisor, AMD GPUs kernel-modesetting, UEFI and the port to Raspberry PI, among other things. Read More »

0install 2.0 released

0install 2.0 is out today. Zero Install is a decentralised cross-platform software installation system, allowing software developers to publish programs directly from their own websites, while still supporting shared libraries, automatic updates, dependency handling and digital signatures. It complements, rather than replaces, the OS’ package management. Departing from its traditional use of installing desktop applications, many of the new features ... Read More »

Valve’s Steam Box Will Most Likely Use An X.Org Server

In the flurry of polarized discussions that have emerged since yesterday’s Ubuntu Mir announcement, some have speculated that Valve’s interactions with Ubuntu may have had a hand in them developing their own display server. This is most likely not the case and the first-generation Linux-based Steam Box from Valve will almost surely be running an X.Org Server… Read More »