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First Linux-Driven Arduino Board Reaches Out with WiFi

Arduino, the Italian-based project that designs the official line of Arduino boards, has announced the Arduino Yún. The Yún (“cloud” in Chinese) is the first in a series of WiFi-enabled Arduino boards, and the first to run Linux. It’s intended as a general-purpose prototyping board for any Arduino creation that requires an Internet connection. Read More »

LinkSmart’s Low-Cost, Big Data Plan with Linux and MapR

LinkSmart’s audience and link management platform for publishers was built with big data at its core. So when management decided to migrate the cloud-based application to their own hardware, there was no question it would be completely powered by Linux. Also key to the company’s IT cost savings is MapR’s NFS mount, which allows systems administrators to directly access the ... Read More »

Xbox One: hardware analysis, comparison to PlayStation 4

“Sony gave the PS4 50% more raw shader performance, plain and simple (768 SPs @ 800MHz vs. 1152 SPs & 800MHz). Unlike last generation, you don’t need to be some sort of Jedi to extract the PS4’s potential here. The Xbox One and PS4 architectures are quite similar, Sony just has more hardware under the hood. Weâ??ll have to wait ... Read More »