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Compact, mainline Linux ready "La Frite" SBC starts at $10

Now on Kickstarter: Libre Computer’s smaller “La Frite” version of its Le Potato SBC offers a quad -A53, HD-only Amlogic S805X, a Raspberry Pi A+ footprint and GPIO connector, and mainline Linux support. Libre Computer has gone to Kickstarter to successfully launch a smaller, less powerful follow-up to its Le Potato SBC. The 64 x […] Read More »

Linux Cat Command

The cat command is one of the most widely used command in Linux. The name of the cat command comes from its functionality to concatenate files. It can read and concatenate files, writing their contents to the standard output. If no file is specified or if the input file name is specified as a single hyphen (-) it reads from ... Read More »

Doing Date Math on the Command Line, Part I

by Mitch Frazier If you’ve ever used a spreadsheet, you’ve probably used or seenfunctions for doing date math—in other words, taking one date and adding some numberof days or months to it to get a new date, or taking twodates and finding the number days between them.The same thing can be done from the command line usingthe lowly date command, ... Read More »