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How to make the most of OpenSSH

OpenSSH is a network connectivity and remote login tool that securely encrypts all traffic, originally developed by OpenBSD developers for use in their operating system. Considering the OpenBSD developers’ primary focus on security, it is no surprise that OpenSSH quickly became the standard remote login implementation for all Linux and Unix operating systems. OpenSSH uses a client server model with ... Read More »

Facebook: “Preparing our Partners for iOS 14”

Facebook published a blog post detailing how iOS 14 will have a negative impact on its ad business since Apple’s upcoming update will ask users for permission before allowing companies like Facebook from collecting user data through Apple’s device identifier. Given the impact the policy will have on businesses’ ability to market themselves and monetize through ads, we’re sharing how ... Read More »

Why we open sourced our security project

When Nathaniel McCallum and I embarked on the project that is now called Enarx, we made one decision right at the beginning: the code for Enarx would be open source, a stance fully supported by our employer, Red Hat (see the standard disclaimer on my blog). All of it, and forever.read more Read More »