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AryaLinux Focuses More on Source Than Simplicity

I remember well the days of Linux when the desktop was a challenge to get up and running, keep running, and configure to meet your daily needs. It was a tinkerer’s dream come true but also sent many users back to a path more travelled. For those of us who stuck it out, the reward was considerable: Stability, security, and ... Read More »

KDE Plasma 5.10 Puts Folders on Linux Desktop, Improves Search

The open-source KDE Plasma desktop was updated to version 5.10 on May 30, providing users with a refined user interface and new capabilities. KDE has long taken a different view on how a desktop should work and look, but with the 5.10 update, Plasma now enables users to have a familiar ‘folder view’ of the desktop, where icons for files ... Read More »

Riley Bradt: How Do You Fedora?

We recently interviewed Riley Brandt on how he uses Fedora. This is part of a series on the Fedora Magazine. Riley Brandt uses a Mac running OS X and Adobe for work at a university in western Canada. “The job can be really amazing at times. I’ve watched a doctor perform brain surgery using a robotic arm, been in a ... Read More »

Women in Tech: We Need You

We need more female role models in tech. We need to hear your experiences, your lessons, your failures and your successes. We need to hear them because you can never be sure who you’ll influence and whose life you’ll change. Read More »

Improving Linux Security with DevSecOps

Ask people who run IT departments these days what keeps them up atnight, and they’ll probably tell you it’s security[he]mdash[/he]or the lack ofit. With the explosive growth of malicious attacks on everything from hospitalsto Fortune 500s, security[he]mdash[/he]not hardware, software and even staff[he]mdash[/he]iswhat currently makes life miserable. Read More »