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Celebrate a year of Raspberry Pi in Linux User & Developer 123

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It was on 29th February 2012 that the Raspberry Pi first went on sale, and signaled the beginning of one of the biggest success stories in tech for 2012. Selling out within an hour, demand far exceeded the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s expectations, and Raspberry Pi shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

Pi Birthday
Come celebrate the special occasion

To celebrate its first incredible year, Linux User & Developer 123 is throwing it a birthday party! We made a cake and everything. Come join the party as we interview Eben Upton and other members of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, as well as looking at 10 amazing Raspberry Pi projects – from supercomputers and arcade machines, all the way to remote controlled cars.

That’s not all, as we also have a full report on the Ubuntu Phone from the unveiling last month. You’ll definitely want to read our own hands on opinions with the device from the London event.

Linux User & Developer 123 is now available in stores, and digitally via GreatDigitalMags.com.

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