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Classified Report On the CIA’s Secret Prisons Is Caught In Limbo

sandbagger writes: A 6,700-page report that cost $40 million to produce is being blocked from circulation by the US Department of Justice by relabeling it as a Congressional Record, even though it isn’t. Why? Congressional records aren’t necessarily subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. Techdirt reports: “There had been some hope that ex-Senator Mark Udall might choose to release some of it from the Senate floor before leaving office, but that didn’t happen. And, with the changing of the guard, the new head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, demanded that all the federal government agencies that received the report should return it to him so he can destroy it and make sure that no one ever sees what’s in the report. As we noted, however, this whole thing seemed to be an effort to state publicly that the document was a Congressional record. That matters because Congressional records are not subject to FOIA requests. Executive branch records are subject to FOIA requests — and the ACLU has made a FOIA request to the exec branch for a copy of the report.”

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