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Code Quality Predicted Using Biometrics

An anonymous reader writes: Swiss researchers are unveiling “a not at all sinister-sounding system capable of predicting the quality of code produced by developers based on their biometric data,” according to Motherboard. “By looking at the programmer as they program, rather than the code after the programmer is done writing it, the system described by the Zurich researchers finds code quality issues as the code is being produced… By using heart rate information, for example, they were able to quantify the difficulty a given programmer had in producing a piece of software. This information could then be used to identify likely sections of bad code…”

In a paper to be presented at an Austin engineering conference this week, the researchers write that “Delaying software quality concerns, such as defects or poor understandability of the code, increases the cost of fixing them,” calling their system an improvement over code reviews, even automated ones. “Biometrics helped to automatically detect 50 percent of the bugs found in code reviews and outperformed traditional metrics in predicting all quality concerns found in code reviews.”
On the other hand, Motherboard likened the stress level for programmers to “a coding interview that never ends where you also happen to be naked. “

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