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Creative Commons 4.0 Licence is here

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Open source licenses are one of the most important parts of Linux and free software. While the GPL may be the most popular one to use, Creative Commons is a popular alternative thanks to its flexibility and varying levels of protection. The fourth version of CC has been released, and comes with some important updates,

Here are some of the new factors in the licence:

A more global licence – CC has worked with hundreds of volunteers and translated previous licenses into over 60 languages and thanks to this CC 4.0 has terminology that can be better understood and implemented world wide.

Rights outside the scope of copyright – if you use a less copyleft version of the licence, the wording allows for violations of the licence that may not have been foreseen to be protected. More detail on this is provided on the announcement post.

Common-sense attribution – attributing is a little more lenient, and doesn’t need you to go over the top explaining what you did, as long as you indicate where it’s from and if it’s modified.

There are other updates as well, and you can read about them all on the Creative Commons site.

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