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Does Open Data Have a Dark Side?

itwbennett writes A Forbes article last month explored some of the potentially darker sides of open data — from creating a new kind of digital divide to making an argument in favor of privatizing certain government services. But how real are these downsides of open data? The World Wide Web Foundation’s Open Data Program Manager Jose Alonso is unconcerned, telling ITworld’s Phil Johnson via email that the WWWF “believes there is no substantial evidence yet that the availability of Open Data leads to the marketization of public services or public spending cuts.” But Ben Wellington, a professor in the City & Regional Planning program at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and author of the popular blog I Quant NY, takes a more cautious stance, acknowledging that there are some real concerns that may call for regulation. But, at least for now, “there’s a lot more innovation and positive things coming out than these corner cases,” says Wellington.

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