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Firefox OS Phone revealed for developers

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Firefox OS seems like it should be here shortly, with Mozilla increasing press around it, as well as holding a hack day specifically to learn the phone. To add to this, the first piece of Firefox OS hardware has been revealed – although this is specifically for developers.

Firefox OS Geeksphone
The new Firefox Phone

The phone’s specs are extremely low, and reminiscent of 2009’s HTC Nexus One, albeit with a lower resolution screen:

CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 1Ghz

UMTS 2100/1900/900 (3G HSPA)

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (2G EDGE)

Screen 3.5? HVGA Multitouch

3 MP Camera


MicroSD, Wifi N, Light and proxmity Sensor, G-Sensor, GPS, MicroUSB

1580 mAh battery

There’s currently no release date for the phone, but they will be sold off-carrier/unlocked. The low powered design is part of the Firefox OS ethos, as the HTML 5 run system apparently does not require the full power of Android or iOS.

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