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Flat Earther Fails To Launch His Homemade Rocket — Yet Again

An anonymous reader writes:
Flat earther “Mad” Mike Hughes, who also bills himself as “the last great daredevil,” promised Super Bowl-sized ratings for an event Saturday where he’d blast himself nearly half a mile into the sky on a homemade rocket. “We had 20 cameras on site today, ready for a full segment,” explained the video-on-demand site Noize TV on their Facebook page. One newspaper described it as also being “an event which he hopes will get people to investigate the ideology which holds the earth is flat.” But judging from online reactions, the event was just another disappointment.
Noize TV’s Facebook post titled “The Launch!!! Finally” shows a picture of Mike standing beside his rocket — but it’s followed by a commenters saying things like “There was no launch. I doubt there will be,” and the official Noize TV account saying “We thought he would press that button… He did not. And won’t be doing so we are pretty certain.”
And this morning Noize TV posted that “we will no longer cover non launches, only launches… It turns out non launches are not as funny as we anticipated.”

One woman even posted that “I was there for awhile…police were there. Ambulance was there. 100 people that weren’t supposed to be there was there…” And while there’s rumors Mike might still try again another day, her ultimate verdict about the limo-driver-turned-daredevil was cynical. “He’s all about getting seen rather than getting launched… My husband gave him $100 cash the last time he was going to launch…live and learn.”

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