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Freespire 7.7 Released

Today, the PC/OpenSystems LLC Open Source Development team will release Freespire 7.7. This update launches an entirely new direction for our distribution products, Freespire, Linspire and Xandros, by incorporating a cloud app approach. Since this is Freespire, our community-support build, we did not incorporate anyone’s (read : Google, Microsoft) specific web apps into the distribution. Which they select is entirely the user’s choice. And for more traditional use cases, the core of Freespire has not changed at all : it’s still a full featured desktop OS; all of the applications and resources of the Ubuntu repositories are available, as always. To repeat : Freespire still does not incorporate any proprietary media codecs; aside from the use of Google Chrome there are no other vendor-specific software applications pre-installed at all.

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