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Google and Facebook Give Net Neutrality Campaign a Boost

The fight over net neutrality just got more interesting as two tech giants said they will step off the sidelines and join a so-called “day of action” on July 12, which aims to preserve rules that forbid Internet providers from favoring some websites over others. From a report: Until now, Google and Facebook — which have been staunch supporters of net neutrality in the past — have stayed out of the debate. But this week, they confirmed they will join other companies in telling consumers to oppose the FCC’s plan to tear up the current rules. The participation of Google and Facebook in the day-of-action campaign could be a game-changer because their sites are visited by hundreds of millions of Americans, and a message from them could rally new opposition to the FCC plan. The two tech giants have yet to explain what specific actions — such as displaying a banner on their homepage — they will take. Other companies that are participating in the protest are.

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