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Google unveils new Chromebook Pixel

Google has unveiled its new Chromebook Pixel, and The Verge has its review up.

The new Chromebook Pixel is slightly cheaper than its predecessor, at $999, but it’s still wildly more expensive than other Chromebooks. It has almost the exact same design as the original, and thus is a beautiful machine. It still runs Chrome OS, which has advanced significantly in the past two years, but not enough to be a real replacement for what you can do on a Mac or a PC.

But the improvements in battery life and speed are both huge. When you use it, the dichotomy between what your heart wants and what your brain says is almost bittersweet. It’s an amazing laptop that I want to use all the time, but when I really need to do more intensive “computer” things, it’s not quite enough.

Core i5, 8GB RAM, 12.85″ 2560×1700 touchscreen, 12 hours of battery life (The Verge got 14 hours), $999 – but ChromeOS.

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