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Google’s ‘Project Magenta’ Art Machine Composes Its First Song

An anonymous reader writes: Google’s Project Magenta, which aims to use machine learning to create music and art, just created its first song. The song, which can be more appropriately described as a 90-second melody, is quite simplistic and reminiscent of an old Nokia ringtone. It’s impressive for a machine! Magenta is built on top of its TensorFlow system, and all the open-sourced materials one could ever need are available through its Github. The team wants to be able to tell stories from the art it creates similar to that of artists. “The design of models that learn to construct long narrative arcs is important not only for music and art generation, but also areas like language modeling, where it remains a challenge to carry meaning even across a long paragraph, much less whole stories,” the team wrote. “Attention models like the Show, Attend and Tell point to one promising direction, but this remains a very challenging task.”

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