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How to Install VSFTPD in Centos Linux

centosInstalling vsftpd on Centos, Redhat, Fedora or any other Linux Based Distro

As root user or a sudo access user, install vsftpd using below command

$yum install vsftpd

To have vsftpd to be started whenever the system restarts add it to services with belwo command

$chkconfig vsftpd on

The above command will add vsftpd to start when the linux starts at run levels 3(command line), 4 and 5(X window)

Once installed, make sure port 21 is opened

To open a port in commandline do below :

$vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables

Here you will find the ports opened like by default port 22 will be opened

just add port 21(default ftp port) similarly with “accept” param at end, then restart iptable with below command

$/etc/init.d/iptables restart

Now the users in the server will be able to do ftp to the server directories.

To enable writing, directory listing and the directories to created with permission readwrite uncomment below sections in



To enable users to be jailed to only specific directory

enable below constants in vsftpd.conf

# (default follows)

and then open the file /etc/vsftpd/chroot_list (if not present create it) and add the username to be jailed , by default the user in this list will be jailed to their home directory ex:- /home/amit

After making above changes restart vsftpd daemon with below command

/etc/init.d/vsftpd restart

That’s all…about

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