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If Remote Work Lasts Two Years, Will Employees Ever Return to Offices?

“With the latest wave of return-to-office delays from Covid-19, some companies are considering a new possibility: Offices may be closed for nearly two years,” reports the Wall Street Journal.

“That is raising concerns among executives that the longer people stay at home, the harder or more disruptive it could be to eventually bring them back.”

Many employees developed new routines during the pandemic, swapping commuting for exercise or blocking hours for uninterrupted work. Even staffers who once bristled at doing their jobs outside of an office have come to embrace the flexibility and productivity of at-home life over the past 18 months, many say. Surveys have shown that enthusiasm for remote work has only increased as the pandemic has stretched on. “If you have a little blip, people go back to the old way. Well, this ain’t a blip,” said Pat Gelsinger, chief executive officer of Intel Corp., whose company has benefited from the work-from-home boom. He predicts hybrid and remote work will remain the norm for months and years to come. “There is no going back….”

[W]hat many have concluded over time is that their companies can operate largely effectively while remote, executives and workers say… As more time passes until offices reopen, it could become difficult to convince existing employees to willingly upend their new lives and return to pre-pandemic schedules in offices, executives say.

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Lyft have now all postponed the return to their U.S. workplaces until 2022.

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