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Joking About Giving Money To ISIS Can Cost You Money

Reader rudy_wayne writes: A person who was using Venmo, an app that allows people to send money to each other via their phones, sent $42 to repay a friend, and jokingly labelled it “ISIS Beer Fund”. He immediately got an e-mail from Venmo questioning the purpose of the money. Although he tried to explain “The $42 was payment to a dear friend for two pitchers of Samuel Adams Boston Lager” he was informed “Due to OFAC regulations, we are not allowed to give the funds back to you or issue a refund.” The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control is a 54-year-old institution, quietly working to keep money out of the hands of America’s enemies.From the report, “It turns out — shockingly — this isn’t the first time someone’s Venmo transaction was cut off at the knees with a reference to subjects that are a matter of national security. Venmo won’t explicitly say what words will trigger blockage, Gawker pointed out in October.

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