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Leaked iOS 14 Build Hints at Unreleased Apple Hardware and Software Features

News outlet 9to5Mac, which tracks Apple news, has gotten hold of an iOS 14 build that uncovers a range of hardware details and software features that Apple intends to reveal later this year. The devices are:
1. An upcoming iPad Pro will include three cameras — like the iPhone Pro — plus an additional time-of-flight sensor for help with AR.
2. An iPhone with Touch ID is in the works. This is presumably the lower-end iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2.
3. A new Apple TV box is in the works along with a new Apple TV remote.
4. AirTags, Apple’s rumored Tile-like item tracker, will have user-replaceable batteries.

Software features: 1. The iOS home screen will get a new list view, letting you more easily find and filter through your apps. It’s not clear exactly where this screen will appear, but it’d offer a major change from the grid.
2. A new AR app will let you point your phone’s camera at objects in the real world and have the phone display more information about what you’re seeing. At an Apple store, for instance, it could display pricing information and product features. Apple is reportedly working with Starbucks to support the feature, too.
3. Third-party apps will be able to integrate wallpapers into the wallpapers section of the Settings app. This should make it easier to switch wallpapers and could finally open dynamic wallpapers up to outside developers.
4. HomeKit will be able to change the color temperature of lights throughout a day to match the sunlight.
5. An accessibility feature will let phones identify sounds like alarms and doorbells for people with hearing loss.

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