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Linux User & Developer 126 is out now!

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Python Masterclass
Everything you need to start writing programs today

System Admin expert guide
Start a career in open source

Raspberry Pi Jamboree
Inside RasPi’s biggest ever event

Crazyflie Quadrotor
World’s first open source ‘copter reviewed

The ultimate RSS Reader revealed
RSSOwl, Liferea, Blam and Akregator reviewed

Also inside
– Make yout own Wiki
– Rock, Paper, Scissors code listing
– Bitcraze interview
– Reviews for the MiraBox, FLIRC, Rasplex, Webconverger 18, FreeNAS

…and much more!

Tutorial Files

Python for beginners tutorial files

Rock, Paper, Scissors tutorial files

Linux User & Developer 126 is out now!

Linux User and our sister mags are all available via Great Digital Mags on all major platforms!

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