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Magic Leap CEO Promises Production Tests Have Begun For ‘Mixed Reality’ Headsets

“[A]fter a particularly critical report earlier this week, the notoriously secretive company appears to be in damage control mode,” writes Mashable. An anonymous reader summarizes their report:

Thursday a reporter “highlighted the company’s first promotional video as more Weta Workshop special effects than a direct example of Magic Leap technology,” and announced on Reddit that “employees in the company were concerned about [the first video] being misleading to the public” — which apparently provoked a response Friday from the company’s CEO.

“The message at first appears to be a simple status update, but then Abovitz gets more specific, indicating that the blog post is almost certainly an indirect response to the previous day’s critical story. ‘The units we are building now are for engineering and manufacturing verification/validation testing, early reliability/quality testing, production line speed, and a bunch of other important parameters. There is also a lot more going in our development of software, applications, cool creative experiences and overall operational readiness. Stay tuned — the fun is just beginning.'”

Mashable adds that when reached for a comment, “the company gave a similarly short ‘stay tuned’ message, hinting that something may finally be about to be revealed. Or not… [W]ith billions on the line, it’s beginning to look like the secretive, NDA-fueled, hype-framed honeymoon is over.”

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