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Man Becomes ‘Accidental Millionaire’ After Jet.com’s Sale To Walmart

The acquisition of Jet.com by Walmart for $3 billion in cash appears to have made the founder of IdeaDash an “accidental millionaire.” Fortune reports: “Martin, who is the founder of a startup called IdeaDash, won Jet.com’s nationwide marketing competition — Jet Insider — in early 2015. The contest offered a reward of 100,000 shares of Jet stock to the contestant who got the most people to sign up for 6-month free trial ‘insider’ memberships to the membership shopping site, a sort of online Costco or Sam’s Club. According to his company’s website, Martin took first place out of the 350,000 people who participated, getting over 8,000 people to sign up. Martin spent $18,000 on online ads, Bloomberg reports, and now has a stake in Jet that is reportedly worth millions. Although Martin told Bloomberg that he is not sure exactly what his stake is worth, Fusion reported in February 2015 that his piece could be valued between $10 million and $20 million.”

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