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Microsoft unveils new Lumias, Surface laptop

Microsoft announced a whole bunch of new products today – all from the devices team. We’ve got two new high-end Lumia phones, the 950 and 950XL. These phones have all the latest specifications, and peculiarly enough, they are water-cooled (I’m not joking). They obviously run Windows Phone 10, and support the Continuum feature, so you can hook them up to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and you’ll be greeted by something that looks a lot like a regular windows 10 desktop. Universal application swill automatically scale between the two different screen sizes. Pretty nifty.

Microsoft also unveiled two new Surface devices: the Surface Pro 4 – a thinner, faster, and all-around better version of the Surface Pro 3 – but also the long-awaited Surface laptop, dubbed the Surface Book. The Surface Book is crazy powerful, has a beautiful display and full, regular keyboard, a crazy hinge that really sets it apart, and just like any other Surface, the screen can some off – but this time, using something Microsoft calls “Muscle Wire”, electrified attachment points that keep the two parts firmly together – you can grab it by the screen and dangle it without any fear of the two parts disconnecting.

The keyboard half contains a discrete graphics chip and some batteries, while the rest of the computery parts are housed within the display. Microsoft makes some crazy claims about performance, but we’ll have to see some proper benchmarks first. In any case, it looks like the kind of laptop Microsoft wanted its partner to build – but we all know something like this is simply beyond the capabilities of the likes of Dell or HP.

That being said, the Surface Book ain’t cheap, and starts at $1500.

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