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Netflix and Amazon Could Face Content Quotas In Europe

jader3rd quotes an articles from The Daily Mail about a new EU proposal to be published next week:
Netflix and Amazon could be forced to make French, German and even Estonian films and TV shows by the EU. The US companies could also be hit with taxes to raise funds to support the work of film-makers in Europe. The proposal is thought to be driven by the French, who are particularly fearful of their cinema and TV programmes being eclipsed by English language productions… One draft says the aims is to create ‘a more level playing field in the promotion of European works by obliging on-demand services to reserve at least 20 percent share for European works in their catalogues and to ensure adequate prominence of such works’.

French may become the world’s most-spoken language by 2050 (due to its popularity among the fast-growing population of Africa). But even so, should U.S.-based companies be facing “regional quotas” for the content they’re offering?

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