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Netflix Has Twice As Many US Subscribers As Comcast

An anonymous reader writes: You want to hear a staggering statistic? Netflix has more than twice as many U.S. subscribers as Comcast. Netflix USA writes, “According to [Comcast’s] Q4 report, Comcast ended 2015 with 22,347,000 video subscribers. Netflix’s own shareholder report listed their U.S. membership base at 44,740,000 strong. That’s 100.2% more than Comcast — a staggering statistic.” It’s impressive to see how quick the Netflix subscriber base has grown just in the past five years from around 20 million subscribers to nearly 45 million subscribers. What’s also interesting to reflect on is the two different business models. Netflix USA writes, “Netflix makes its money off of a lot of subscribers paying about $10 a month each, while Comcast charges far fewer customers far more.”

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