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Netflix’s New iTunes Billing Policy Will Curb a $256 Million Revenue Stream For Apple

Early last year, Netflix allowed some iOS users in more than two dozen markets to bypass the iTunes payment method as part of an experiment. The streaming company is now incorporating the change globally, curbing a $256 million revenue stream for Apple. “According to new data compiled by Sensor Tower, Netflix grossed $853 million in 2018 on the iOS App Store,” reports TechCrunch. “Based on that figure, Apple’s take would have been around $256 million, the firm said.” The new policy change allows Netflix to avoid paying the 15% levy that Apple charges on in-app subscriptions. From a report: “We no longer support iTunes as a method of payment for new members,” a Netflix spokesperson told VentureBeat. Existing members, however, can continue to use iTunes as a method of payment, the spokesperson added. The company did not share exactly when it rolled out the change globally, but a support representative VentureBeat spoke with pegged the timeframe as late last month. Additionally, the support rep added that customers who are rejoining Netflix using an iOS device, after having canceled payment for at least one month, also won’t be able to use iTunes billing. The move, which will allow Netflix to keep all proceeds from its new paying iPhone and iPad customers, underscores the tension between developers and the marquee distributors of mobile apps — Apple and Google.

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