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New Microhotels Fight Airbnb With 65 Square Foot Rooms

HughPickens.com writes: Amy Zipkin writes in the [New York Times] that a growing number of so-called microhotels are taking a smaller-is-better approach to fight Airbnb, offering rooms in New York City for about $100 a night. The catch? Some rooms measure 65 square feet and offer a shared bathroom. “Disruptions from short-term rentals are creating a whole new supply channel,” says Scott Berman. The micro concept first gained traction in Europe with brands like CitizenM and Yotel at airports and in urban centers. Now the model is expanding. Yotel, which has a property in Manhattan, plans to open others in San Francisco, Boston, Miami and Brooklyn, as well as London, Geneva and Singapore. Pod expects to open another hotel in Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn and Washington. “We are focused on the millennial-minded consumer, with an emphasis on style, attitude and design at an economical value,” says Vicki Poulos. But some travelers don’t necessarily agree that the comfort level equals that of regular hotels. “At first, it is entirely novel,” says Diana Edelman. “But then reality hits that it is nearly impossible to open a suitcase in the room without hitting your head on the bed’s ‘roof’ or that you are showering next to the toilet and sink.”

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