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Not Just Samsung? The Increasing Frequency Of Battery Fires

Dozens of aircraft fires have been caused by lithium batteries, and after 2013 Tesla even strengthened their battery shields after several of their cars caught on fire. An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes the AP:

Samsung’s Note 7 isn’t the only gadget to catch fire thanks to lithium-battery problems, which have afflicted everything from iPhones to Tesla cars to Boeing jetliners. Blame chemistry and the fact that the batteries we rely on for everyday life are prone to leaking and even bursting into flame if damaged, defective or exposed to excessive heat…

Still, lithium batteries are so ubiquitous that ordinary users of phones and computers shouldn’t worry. Research suggests that you’re more likely to get hurt by a kitchen grease fire or a drunk driver than the battery powering your iPhone, Kindle or laptop. “It’s not like we live in a world where people’s smartphones spontaneously combust,” said Ramon Llamas, research manager of research firm IDC’s mobile phones team. He said owners of Galaxy Note 7s should err on the side of caution and contact Samsung for a replacement that doesn’t run the same risk.

The article also reports that hoverboards were linked to at least 99 electrical fires in America that were presumably caused by battery problems. “Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers dumped the products after videos of burning hoverboards went viral.”

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