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NPM Adds Command-Line Option To Help Fund Open-Source Coders

“Despite its own solvency concerns, NPM Inc on Tuesday deployed code changes that add a ‘funding’ command to the latest version of the npm command-line tool, namely v6.13.0,” reports the Register:

Henceforth, developers creating packages for the JavaScript runtime environment Node.js can declare metadata that describes where would-be donors can go to offer financial support. Doing so involves adding a funding field to package.json, a file that lists various module settings and dependencies. The funding field should be a URL that points to an online funding service, like Patreon, or payment-accepting website….

In a phone interview with The Register, NPM Inc co-founder and co-CTO Isaac Schlueter said: “The problem we’re solving is open source projects need funding and there are very few ways people can get that information in front of people using their code….” Schlueter allowed that NPM Inc’s funding mechanism may reward good marketers more than it rewards good developers. But he believes it will work against that. “One thing nice about this approach is that it does take some of the marketing skill out of the equation,” he said. “Because all you really have to do is set up a payment URL and then put that in your packages. You don’t have to craft the message expertly, you’ll show up on that list at the end of the install.”

“At the end of August, we made a promise to the community to invest time & effort to better support package maintainers,” explains an announcement on the NPM blog.

“This work is just the first, small step toward creating a means/mechanism for a more sustainable open source development ecosystem.”

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