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Online dating website for cheaters gets hacked

Ashley Madison, an online dating website that specifically targets people looking to have an affair, has been hacked by a group that calls itself Impact Team. A cache of data has been released by the Impact Team, including user profiles, company financial records, and “other proprietary information.” The company’s CEO, Noel Bilderman, confirmed with KrebsOnSecurity that they had been hacked, but did not speak about the extent of the breach.

I’m really surprised by the amount of comments online stating that this is not a problem, because they’re just “cheaters” anyway, so they don’t deserve privacy, right?

Cheating on your “loved” one is despicable, low, and disgusting (and an immediate, unequivocal relationship/friendship termination in my book), but one, it’s not illegal, and two, even if it were, mob justice is not the way to go. This hack and possible release of personal information is just as bad as any other hack.

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