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Pine64 Confirms $25 ‘PineTime’ Smartwatch for Linux Smartphones

Besides their Linux laptops, single-board computers, and tablets, Pine64 is now also working on “PineTime,” a new $25 smartwatch for Linux smartphones running open source software (and based on either ARM Mbed or FreeRTOS), reports Liliputing.com:

The company describes the PineTime watch as a companion for Linux smartphones… you know, like the company’s upcoming $150 PinePhone. For either or both of those reasons, it could appeal to folks who may not have wanted in on the smartphone space until now…

The PineTime uses an existing watch body that’s used by other device makers, but Pine64 is choosing custom internal hardware. The PineTime will support Bluetooth 5.0, a heart rate monitor, and multi-day battery life and the watch features a zinc alloy & plastic case and comes with a charging dock…

At this point the PineTime is described as a side project, which means it’s not a top priority for Pine64. While the company says the picture above is an actual photo of a prototype, Pine64 is still seeking software developers interested in contributing to the project, and the company’s primary focus at this point will still be other upcoming devices like the PineBook Pro laptop and PinePhone smartphone.

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