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Raspberry Pi Case by SB Components Review

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When the Raspberry Pi first came out, the board-only design got a lot of people desiring a case to go with it. Since then, a few companies and Kickstarters have popped up to supply cases to those that want them. With many different designs on the market, it’s hard to know what to go for, and mainly comes down to how you plan to use the case. SB Components have created a simple case that is suitable for many uses, at a price that reflects the Raspberry Pi itself.

SB Components
There are a selection of clear and coloured cases

While it does look simple, there are a lot of considerations that have gone into the design. As well as the standard access to all the basic ports and SD card slot, there are also openings for the GPIO ports, UART and I2C busses that a lot of other cases leave out. The Pi itself clips into the case, meaning it won’t rattle around when moved. There’s also rods to relay the system lights, a small vent on the bottom, and screw holes to attach the case to wherever you’d want. It’s a well thought out concept, and it works very well.



It’s a great little case that fits the Pi perfectly, and while it may not be the prettiest one around, it’s certainly very functional. You can get one from the SB Components store in a variety of colours for only £4.59.

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