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Report: Activision Buys E-Sports League’s Assets

An anonymous reader writes: Major League Gaming (MLG) is one of the biggest e-sports operations out there. Or it was, until Activision Blizzard purchased most of its assets for $46 million. MLG’s CEO has been removed, and nobody’s quite sure what will become of the league once Activision is done with it. MLG has been struggling for some time, and it’s expected that most of the sale’s proceeds will go toward paying off debts. Shareholders are not pleased.
Analysis at Forbes notes that “MLG has been most closely tied with Call of Duty for a long while now (though recently Activision partnered with MLG rival ESL for a new COD league), and has a history with Starcraft 2, both Activision Blizzard titles. It could make sense that in order to bolster their eSports division, Activision would assimilate MLG, though parts of this sound more like a liquidation of assets rather than MLG continuing to operate under its own banner, just with a new owner.” Others note with skepticism the idea of a game publisher buying an e-sports league, which could lead to concerns about how games from other publishers are treated.

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