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Report Finds OpenStack Still Being Debated In The Industry

mmoorebz writes: Talligent, a provider of cost- and capacity-management solutions for OpenStack and hybrid clouds, announced its 2016 State of OpenStack Report yesterday. In the report, it identified some concerns IT professionals have with OpenStack, its use cases, and some barriers professionals are facing. John Meadows, vice president of business development at Talligent, said that businesses should have confidence in the path OpenStack is taking. “Companies considering adopting OpenStack should understand that there are still challenges with regards to complexity and deployment,” said Meadows. “A successful OpenStack deployment will include some mix of technical expertise, operational tools, and the support of a solid OpenStack partner.” Additionally, the shift to an on-demand cloud for IT service delivery requires a new approach to tracking, managing and comparing IT resources, said Meadows. Management tools should be designed to support automation, and deliver real-time insight for OpenStack adoption.

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