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Researchers Discover How To Fool Tesla’s Autopilot System

An anonymous reader writes from a report via CNET: Researchers from the University of South Carolina, Zhejiang University and Qihoo 360 have discovered how to fool Tesla’s Autopilot sensors, according to a report from Wired. The researchers were able to trick the system into thinking an object didn’t exist when it did, and that an object existed when in fact it did not. Therefore, possible security concerns arise as Autopilot could drive incorrectly, potentially putting passengers and others in danger. CNET reports: “Two pieces of radio equipment were used to convince Tesla’s radar sensor that a cart was not placed directly in front of it. One of those pieces, a signal generator from Keysight Technologies, costs about $90,000. The group also tricked the car’s short-range parking sensors into malfunctioning using about $40 worth of equipment. Wired points out that this was, thankfully, a rather difficult feat. Most of the technological tomfoolery was done on a stationary car. Some of the required equipment was expensive, and it didn’t always work. But it brings up an important point — even though Autopilot is quite capable, there’s still no substitute for an attentive human driver, ready to take control at a moment’s notice.”

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