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San Francisco Gets Its First Cashierless Store

Last Week, San Francisco got its first completely automated cashierless store, called Standard Market. The store requires users to download their app before they can enter the 1,900-square-foot building. Once they do that, they can enter the store, grab the items they need, and walk out — all without ever interacting with a cashier. The 27 cameras positioned on the ceiling are supposedly able to identify which items shoppers walk out with. CNBC reports: The start-up behind this operation is Standard Cognition, which has raised $11.2 million in venture capital and formed partnerships with four retail chains around the world. This first market is a prototype to showcase the technology and work on the bugs. The ambitious goal is to add the tech in 100 stores a day (each day!) by 2020. Five of the seven founders came from the Securities and Exchange Commission, where they built artificial intelligence software to detect fraud and trade violations, before starting Standard Cognition in 2017. Now these fraud experts are working to discern something equally complicated: whether I am stealing a snack. The store is very similar to Amazon’s cashierless Go market, but differs in that it relies exclusively on the ceiling cameras and AI software to figure out what you’re buying. “The goal is to predict, and prevent, shoplifting, because unlike Amazon’s Go stores, which have a subway turnstile-like gate for entry and exit, Standard Market has an open door, and the path is clear,” reports CNBC. “Once the system decides it has detected potential theft behavior, a store attendant will get a text and walk over for ‘a polite conversation,’ Standard Cognition’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Michael Suswal, said.”

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