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Segway Inventor To Build Powerful Wheelchair With Toyota

Toyota is working with Segway PT inventor Dean Kamen on advanced wheelchairs for the aged and disabled. Slashdot reader necro81 writes:
Most people don’t know that the two-wheeled balancing technology was first developed by Kamen’s company in the early 2000s for the iBot — an advanced wheelchair that could climb stairs and curbs, had four-wheel drive, and could balance on its rear wheels… it was also a commercial flop: the iBot was discontinued in 2009 after selling hundreds of units (many still in operation a decade later). Today, however, Toyota announced a partnership with Dean Kamen to upgrade the iBot and bring it back to market.

I wonder if they’ll be used in more than just the obvious ways. 15 years after the introduction of the first Segways, Steve Wozniak is participating in the Segway polo world championships (which are named the “Woz Cup” in his honor). And the Australian army once even had a fleet of Segways which they dressed up like enemy soldiers to practice field maneuvers.

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